Can I Replace One Or More Missing Teeth With Dental Implants?

dental implant model of a set of full mouth dental implants.

Dental Implants in Tavares, FL are by far the best solution for missing teeth. The loss of even a single tooth can be devastating to a patient’s surrounding teeth. These problems can also extend beyond a patient’s oral health and have negative effects on their social life. A patient’s appearance, chewing ability and self-confidence are all compromised when they have a missing tooth.

If treatment is delayed, tooth loss also invites other oral problems, including bone loss. This is especially true when patients delay treatment and teeth are not replaced. For those who are missing one or multiple teeth, a trusted dentist can remedy this issue with dental implants!


Dental Implants For The Treatment Of One Or Several Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can occur for many different reasons, including advanced periodontal disease and trauma. Those who suffer from tooth loss are not alone. With over 178 million people affected, tooth loss is extremely common among U.S. adults. Below are a few options to consider when replacing missing teeth with dental implants in Tavares, FL.


Single Implants

If one or more teeth need correction in various spots, single dental implants can be placed using zirconia or titanium materials. Zirconia dental implants are an FDA-approved alternative to traditional titanium implants. Like their counterpart, zirconia implants are designed to both mimic the natural tooth root and prevent jawbone loss, while adding to the smile’s aesthetics and function.

A trusted dentist places zirconia implants for patients who desire an allergy-free and metal-free alternative to traditional implants.


Multiple Implants

When multiple implants are needed for tooth replacement, full mouth dental implants can be placed on the top or bottom row of the jawbone. As with the single implants, multiple implants can be placed to provide a full arch tooth replacement, restoring a patients smile aesthetically and functionally.


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Who Qualifies For Dental Implants?

a dental implant patient enjoying a new smile after restoration treatment.

For many people, dealing with missing or damaged teeth can be a really hard experience. That is why dental implants in Tavares, FL, should be considered when looking for a permanent tooth restoration treatment.


When Do You Need Dental Implants?

When people have a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, self-esteem can suffer, and it can be harder to eat the foods they love or smile with confidence. Oral health problems can occur from missing teeth as well, such as remaining teeth moving out of alignment and the onset of progressive jawbone atrophy, which can cause people to appear older than they are.

When these problems occur, what treatment can patient’s quality for? Fortunately, there are several remedies for this issue that a trusted dentist can recommend, including dental implants. Since dental implants in Tavares, FL solve these problems and have many other incredible benefits, they are the preferred tooth restoration solution for broken, failing, or missing teeth.


About The Procedure

In general, dental implants are a type of artificial tooth, generally made from titanium, that are placed into the jawbone where they replace teeth that are missing or have been damaged.

Dental implants are increasingly becoming the “gold standard” for dental restoration procedures. They offer a number of benefits, such as:

– They are more durable and longer lasting.

– They are easier to repair or replace if they fail.

– They provide a natural appearance that is less likely to need cosmetic work.

– They can be used in both primary and permanent teeth.

Dental implants in Tavares, FL are certainly a versatile permanent tooth restoration solution to missing or damaged teeth.


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How Do Dental Implants Help Me?

two nurses placing dental implants for a dental patient.

For those who are currently struggling with missing, damaged, or misshaped teeth, then dental implants in Tavares, FL could be the perfect solution.

Dental implants can be a phenomenal option to a patient’s smile and tooth function in a customized manner, improving the patient’s quality of life and overall look and appearance. Continue reading to find out how dental implants can help patients restore their smile.


About The Procedure

In general, dental implants are a type of artificial tooth that are placed into the jawbone where they replace teeth that have been removed or damaged. The dental implant, which can be made from titanium, is placed directly into the jawbone and is held in place by a titanium screw that anchors it securely in place with a crown or bridge. Once the dental implant is placed in Tavares, FL, it can restore a patient’s smile.


Benefits Of Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants are many. Dental implants have been used for many years in Europe and Asia. In the United States, dental implants became more popular in the 1990s when the procedure was first approved by the FDA for use.

Dental implants are super versatile, and are able to restore one or more teeth, often in as little as one day! The implant is placed into the jawbone during an outpatient surgery, which usually takes less than thirty minutes to complete.

Dental implants are very strong and last a long time. Once placed in the jawbone, they do not need to be replaced or removed. One of the most important benefits of dental implants is that they do not require any restoration work. Dentists are able to replace the missing teeth with implants and do not have to worry about the patient having to continually apply dental work.

In addition, dental implants can stimulate bone growth around them. Dental implants allow patients to regain their confidence by restoring the ability to eat and speak normally.

Dental implants in Tavares, FL can provide long term, stable support for a tooth that has been lost or damaged, revealing a new, beautiful, and customized smile!


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When Do I Need My Tooth Extracted In Tavares, FL?

Dental Patient Suffering From Mouth Pain Caused By A Tooth Needing Extraction

Dental implants are a great way for patients to restore the look and function of their smile, allowing them to enjoy their favorite foods again while looking fabulous. However, a tooth removal in Tavares, FL may be needed if patients are experiencing diseased or decayed teeth, or even baby teeth that are still present. Tooth removals can help patients have a successful dental implant placement procedure.


What Is A Tooth Extraction? 

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. Tooth removals are performed for a variety of reasons, but most commonly to remove teeth that are decayed, damaged, or overcrowded.

Tooth removals in Tavares, FL are performed by a trusted dentist. The procedure is usually quick and relatively painless. First, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth with sedation dentistry. Then, using a tool called an elevator, the dentist will loosen the tooth and remove it from the socket.

After the tooth has been removed, the socket is cleaned out, and a temporary filling is placed in the area. The patient can return to the dental office at a later date for a permanent filling or crown.

The Different Types Of Tooth Removals In Tavares, FL

There are a number of different types of tooth extractions. Each type is named for the kind of tooth being removed and may also be named for the area in which the tooth is located. A common type of tooth extraction procedure is a wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth are the last (third) molars to erupt. They typically start to appear in late adolescence or early adulthood, though they can also emerge in middle age.

The most common indication that a person should remove their wisdom teeth is crowding (or lack of space) in the dental arch. The lack of available space for the eruption of the third molars may be a result of an underdeveloped jawbone, a narrow jaw, or missing teeth.

There are three types of wisdom teeth: the maxillary first molars (which may be impacted or partially erupted), the maxillary second molars (which may be impacted or partially erupted) and the mandibular third molars.

Certain conditions may require the removal of wisdom teeth, due to the risk of their remaining partially or completely untreated. If a wisdom tooth is not fully treated, it can cause pain and damage other teeth.

The term extraction is used to describe the removal of a tooth from its socket, while the term exodontia refers to the act of removing an entire row of teeth. By removing wisdom teeth or any other necessary teeth, a patients dental implant procedure can permanently restore a their smile.

Additional reasons for tooth extractions may include:

  • Disease or infection
  • Severe decay
  • Dental implant prep
  • Oral trauma damage
  • Stubborn baby teeth

The Benefits Of Getting Teeth Removed

Tooth extractions can be necessary to ensure dental implant placements are successful. This is why selecting the best dental professional with the experience and modern technology to efficiently get the job done is so important. A skilled doctor in Tavares, FL can offer several years of experience in tooth extractions using state-of-the-art technology such as digital intraoral cameras and scanners, digital 3D X-rays, water purification systems, and a fully digital on-site laboratory for precise and lasting tooth removal treatments.


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