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Eliminate the Root Cause of Your Tooth Pain

Root Canals Can Save Problem Teeth

Nerves are the source of sensation for every organ in your body. That includes your teeth, which aren’t normally thought of as organs, but are actually very complex ones. Deep inside your teeth are nerves and pulp. When these become severely infected, you can experience intense pain as well as extreme temperature sensitivity. Left untreated, such infections can put the health of the whole tooth, and body, at risk. While we perform tooth extractions when necessary, this can compromise the health of adjoining teeth. We prefer to save the tooth or teeth, if possible, by treating the infection inside through root canals.

Candidates for Dental Crowns and Bridges

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Root Canals: The Process Explained

During root canals, our team removes all of the tissue and signs of infection from the interior of the affected teeth, leaving the roots intact. We then fortify each tooth by filling the empty space inside with specially made dental materials, all during the same visit to our Tavares, FL office. Once we’ve finished your root canals, we can stabilize and strengthen those teeth through the addition of crowns and bridges, enabling you to keep those teeth for many years to come.

Root Canals as Part of Comprehensive Care

Root canals are complex procedures that require highly trained, skilled, and experienced hands. The team here at Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry is proud to offer root canals as just one of our full complement of dental services. As general practitioners, we’re uniquely qualified to offer treatment ranging from alleviating nerve pain inside of your teeth to whitening the enamel on the outside, and from restoring the gums down to rebuilding the jawbone that supports your tooth roots. We offer it all with exceptional results, right here in one convenient Tavares, FL office.

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