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Bone Grafting Paves the Way

When you lose teeth, you may face a number of complications in your daily life, from social awkwardness to difficulty eating and speaking properly. You might have to forego some of your favorite foods—especially chewy or hard ones—if your ability to chew has been compromised. Those gaps in your smile may also not only be unattractive, making you not look like yourself, but also keep you from sounding like you and feeling like you. But the implications of missing teeth go far beyond the teeth themselves.

Your teeth roots are anchored in your jawbone. When your teeth fall out, the underlying bone can weaken and become vulnerable to decay. Long story short: What begins as teeth loss can result in jawbone loss. When this happens, you may not have enough bone mass for dental implants. Fortunately, our experts can restore your jawbone through bone grafting. If your bone loss is severe, we can perform a ridge augmentation, using bone grafts to recapture the natural contours of your jaw—and your distinctive appearance! Through ridge augmentation and conventional bone grafting, we’ve enabled countless patients to become candidates for dental implants—and a beautiful new lifechanging smile—right in one Tavares, FL office.

Bone Grafting Builds a Firm Foundation

Bone grafting is a relatively straightforward procedure that can produce dramatic results. Since bone grows, we can restore your deteriorated jawbone by taking a piece of bone from your body or another natural source and inserting it into the area of your jaw where you’ve lost bone. As time passes and your jaw begins to heal, the existing bone and the bone graft undergo a natural process where the two permanently fuse together. With your jawbone mass regained, you can become a candidate for dental implant placement, and enjoy the advantages of a full, strong smile once again.

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Comprehensive Dental Implant Care Is Here

At Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry we fully understand how one aspect of your health—dental or otherwise—can significantly impact others. Bone loss is a perfect example of this, because it begins as something else: Your teeth fall out, and then the next nearest part of your body starts to go in the same direction. The team here at our Tavares, FL office has had special training not only in diagnosing and treating such conditions through bone grafting and other procedures, but also in identifying their cause, better enabling us to prevent them or minimize their effects. Look to us for comprehensive care for dental implants and beyond.

Potential Benefits of Bone Grafting

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