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We Do It All at Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry

As the premier general dental practice of Tavares, FL, we’re able to offer you a full range of dental services in one convenient office. Our goal is to ensure that you never have to visit another dentist for your dental care. We achieve this through the broad expertise of our doctors, the tremendous professionalism of our staff, and the suite of cutting-edge dental technology at our disposal. You can learn more about all of those throughout this site. If you have specific questions about any of the services we offer, please let us know.

Additional Dental Services We Offer

When your bottom and top rows of teeth are out of alignment with one another, you may have trouble eating, speaking, and smiling comfortably. Left untreated, this condition can cause your teeth to become worn and cracked. Let our team realign your teeth and get you back to normal!

It’s important that you don’t just visit your dentist when something’s wrong with your teeth. Maintain optimum oral health with regular exams, cleanings, and other treatments here in our Tavares, FL office. Schedule your next appointment today!

If you clench or grind your teeth—either consciously or unconsciously—you can erode the enamel and also develop TMJ disorders. We can treat the symptoms and prevent these conditions by providing you with a custom-fitted mouth guard.

Our approach to managing your dental anxiety begins with bringing you into our office, getting to know you, and building trust before we do any procedures. On the day of any actual procedure, we’ll keep you relaxed and pain-free with a combination of nitrous oxide and local anesthetic.

Our dentists can treat your cavities by removing the areas of decay and then patching in the remaining space with composite fillings. We’re even able to match the color of the filling to the tooth to keep your smile as natural-looking as possible.

When you’re developing gum disease, we can remove a small piece of the soft tissue to access the area underneath for cleaning and other treatments.

Dental issues don’t always occur at the most convenient times. Whether your emergency happens during or outside of our normal business hours, we understand the urgency of the situation, and will do our best to provide the care you need as soon as possible.

Our dentists can fit you for dentures, a long-trusted and affordable tooth replacement option. They look like your real teeth and can easily be removed for cleaning.

Choose the Dental Practice That Can Treat All Your Needs.