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Dental Care Doesn’t End at Our Door

At Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry, “comprehensive” isn’t just part of our name, it’s our core philosophy. Our dentists never take the easiest, most obvious approach to treatment. We know that every dental health issue has an underlying cause – we seek to discover it, address it and treat it, thereby helping you regain and maintain optimal dental health. We understand that dental health and systemic health are interrelated, and we strive to preserve both by providing top-notch preventive care. We treat people, not teeth, conditions, or symptoms. We also understand that behind good dental care is a strong relationship built upon mutual trust between dentists and patients. We work hard to achieve that every day. Along with our comprehensive approach, are our full list of services. We offer complete dental care, not only here in our Tavares, FL office, but also between appointments through extensive, proven hygiene protocols at home.

Our Signature Services

Full Mouth Reconstruction

When your teeth are so severely worn down that they’re causing significant functional and aesthetic issues, our dentists can restore them and get you back to normal with full mouth reconstruction, which typically involves multiple procedures.

Full Arch Dental Implants

Our dentists can quickly replace a full set of missing or deteriorated teeth with permanent dental implants that look and feel just like the real thing. Full arch dental implants will change your life!

Whole Tooth Hygiene™

Our ongoing goal is to ensure every surface of each tooth is cleaned to prevent decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Brushing only cleans 60 percent of each tooth; the remaining 40 percent requires flossing.

The Proof Is
In Our Patients

Cindy Smith
"I'd been with another dentist for a long time, but he was unavailable when I broke a crown on my front tooth, so I called Dr. Pruett. I was nervous when I found out I would need an implant, thinking, 'This guy doesn't know my teeth!' But Dr. P. was incredibly professional, kind and reassuring during the whole procedure. He even gave me his cell-phone number and told me to call him day or night, even though his wife was expecting any day! The staff was equally supportive and compassionate. I am so happy with the result!"
Laura Williams
"I am in my early 20s and have always had the same dentist. When I started having tooth pain, a friend recommended Dr. Pruett. I was shocked when he discovered several cavities that my previous dentist had completely missed! Dr. Pruett really improved the look and comfort of my teeth and taught me ways to take care of my smile for life!"
Sandra Ansbaugh
"I've never been to any dentist I like as much as Dr. P. He's personal, patient, kind and fully explains every procedure to you. My care has been so good that even if I move back to Scotland I will fly back every year for my dental appointment! No joke!"
George "Jim" Clark
"I had crowns that kept falling out that my previous dentist couldn't manage to fix, so he referred me to Dr. Pruett. After a thorough examination Dr. Pruett suggested that due to a significant grinding habit and the current bite relationship that we would need to remove the failing crowns and reconstruct my bite. The first day I was in the chair for the whole afternoon having my teeth worked on, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all! About two weeks later I had my new permanent crowns in place and they are the best teeth I've ever had! I never had a smile this great looking, even when I was young!"
Paul Mausz
"The office has a real family atmosphere and the whole staff treats you with a sincere level of caring. This is a special place. I would never go anywhere else"
Cheryl Crocker
"As a nurse, I wanted to find a dentist who was up on the most current technology and treatments. I read an article in a local magazine and was impressed with Dr. Pruett's professionalism and vision for this practice. His enthusiasm and desire to educate and explain really make you feel comfortable and confident that the care you're receiving is of the highest possible standard. I've been so pleased with him and the staff that I've referred tons of people!"
Jody Baumgardner
"I was a patient of Dr. Smith before he retired, and he set a very high standard. I'm thrilled to report that Dr. Pruett is phenomenal, both as a dentist and a person. His skill, friendliness and compassion are amazing."
Lou Rogers
"Dr. Pruett is the most professional and eager dentist I have ever worked with. His commitment to patients and staff creates an incredibly positive experience for everyone."
Kasey Hobbs and Ronnie Purdy
We've been friends with Tim since we were all kids. We witnessed his dedication as a student and knew he would apply the same commitment to his practice, employees and especially his patients. Now, as patients ourselves, we feel fortunate having him as our dentist because we know how hard he works and what a good person he is."

Let’s build a relationship together. Contact us today to get started!