Advanced Technology - Tavares, FL

Comprehensive Technology Makes a Difference

Choose a Fully Equipped Dentist

As dental technology becomes more advanced it allows us to provide safer, faster, less-invasive, and more effective treatment options for you. It follows that Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry would have a full complement of advanced dental equipment at our disposal right here in our Tavares, FL office. We strive to give you the best possible treatment, both inside our facility and beyond, through innovative tools and through dental products and hygiene habits that you can follow at home to maintain your dental health.

The Dental Technology That Powers Our Practice

A dentist often has to use outside companies in order to procure all the materials needed for your treatment, which means you have to wait until those materials are on hand. Having our own laboratory allows us to provide you with same-day service for many of our procedures. It takes an arsenal of advanced equipment to create crowns, bridges, implants, prosthetics, and models. We’ve made this investment so that we can offer service that’s not only high-quality but also more convenient for you.

Most of the procedures we perform here in our Tavares, FL office require water to keep your mouth free of dental debris throughout. All of the water we use is put through an elaborate water purification system to ensure that only the cleanest water ever touches your mouth.

Intraoral camera technology gives us a high-definition, close-up perspective of your teeth and gums, allowing us to pinpoint and show you the specific areas where you need treatment.

Imaging is an integral part of the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of every dentist. We’ve invested in the latest digital imaging technology, which allows us to see everything we need to see without exposing you to excessive radiation. In fact, the x-ray equipment we use gives us detailed images with a fraction of the radiation output of conventional machines.


With eight fully equipped treatment rooms in which to serve you, our office has a significant amount of dental equipment and instruments. Each of these tools must be sterilized to protect your health during treatment. Our two on-site sterilization rooms give us the complete quality control we need to maintain your safety.

Let us put our advanced dental technology to work for you!