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Full Mouth Reconstruction Makes It Possible

Sometimes fixing your teeth is as simple as filling a very conspicuous cavity. Other times it’s a far more complex procedure—or even a series of procedures—that are necessary to bring the shine and confidence back to your smile. If your dental health has deteriorated to the point that you can’t eat, speak or smile without difficulty, or feeling self-conscious about your looks, we can help. At Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry, we offer full mouth reconstruction, a process that combines restorative, reconstructive, and cosmetic dentistry procedures. As general practitioners, we have the broad expertise to handle all of these essential dentistry services right here in one Tavares, FL office. Through full mouth reconstruction, we can help you function normally once again and get you back to looking and feeling like yourself. You can enjoy a quality of life you may have never experienced before, and may not have even thought was possible. We’re happy to tell you that with full mouth reconstruction, it is!

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  • Complex Full Smile Makeover

Preparing for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before we perform any procedures, we first assess the current condition of your teeth, noting any damage, decay, or discoloration. We also examine your gums for signs of disease and other issues. In addition, we look at your overall facial aesthetics to ensure the end results of your full mouth reconstruction are not only functional teeth but a beautifully balanced appearance. Again, this may include a number of procedures at our Tavares, FL office. Our approach, based on the philosophy of the renowned Pankey Institute, is to find the root cause of your issues and address them, not just the symptoms, for the best long-term results.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

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If you have many missing teeth or some that are damaged beyond repair, we can provide you with dental implants—durable, natural-looking, and permanent tooth replacements from the roots up.

dental crown

We provide crowns for teeth with stable roots but severe decay or damage above the gumline, and bridges to take the place of missing teeth between other healthy teeth.

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Teeth grinding is often the cause of worn teeth. It’s also a symptom of sleep apnea, a condition with potentially serious health consequences. We can custom-fit you with a mouth guard that will protect your teeth by preventing unintentional grinding.

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Teeth grinding is also associated with TMJ disorders, which can include jaw pain, jaw popping, headaches, and other upper-body conditions. We can help you overcome the damaging effects of teeth grinding with a custom-fitted mouth guard.

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When your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly, it can cause undue stress on individual teeth leading to fractures and broken teeth. We correct misaligned teeth by carefully smoothing out problem areas, giving you back a more natural and comfortable bite.

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Gum disease treatment can include scaling, where we remove bacteria and infection from underneath your gums using fine dental instruments, and root planing, where we smooth out your tooth root surfaces by removing plaque or tartar buildup. Depending on the stage of your gum disease, we also offer osseous surgery and periodontal maintenance all in the same office for your convenience.

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full mouth reconstruction patient smiling Tavares, FL
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