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Brighten Your Teeth Like Never Before with KöR®

A single discolored tooth can compromise your smile, no matter the color or condition of the surrounding teeth. That one tooth stands out simply because it looks different than the rest. A key goal of cosmetic dentistry isn’t just to make your teeth look brighter, but also to make them consistent in color. Teeth whitening can do that very thing. While store-bought teeth whitening treatments such as toothpastes, gels, strips, and trays have some benefits, you’ll get the best results from the professional-grade treatment we offer you in our Tavares, FL office. The team here at Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry can help your teeth shine again—one tooth or all of them—through the proven KöR teeth whitening system. Unlike some teeth whitening treatments, Our professional-grade treatment won’t leave your teeth more sensitive afterward.

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KöR Delivers the Results You Desire

A core cosmetic dentistry tool, KöR exemplifies our comprehensive approach to dental care because it works through a combination of office visits and home-based care. We believe that continuing your care when you’re not here is the best way to maintain optimal dental health. You begin KöR treatment by having a refrigerated bleaching gel applied to your teeth. We continue this process over the course of several short office visits before sending you home to continue treatment at your convenience with custom-fitted bleaching trays. Soon your teeth will be several shades brighter and a single color—and you’ll understand why professional teeth whitening is the only way to go!

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Keep Your Teeth as White as You Want Them

Made up of highly trained, credentialed, and experienced dental professionals, our Tavares, FL team is dedicated not only to treating your conditions but also their root causes. When it comes to discolored teeth, there are a variety causes. The good news is that with KöR teeth whitening treatment and periodic maintenance, your teeth can stay white for a lifetime. In addition, avoiding, minimizing, or eliminating these contributing factors altogether can help your teeth from becoming discolored, and you feeling fully confident in your smile:
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