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Will I Be Able To Improve My Smile With Same Day Dental Implants In Tavares, FL?

Did you know that you can achieve a brand-new smile in as little as one day? When people are missing teeth, same day dental implants in Tavares, FL can be expertly placed by an experienced doctor to give patients an improved new smile in one day. For those who want an instant smile, thereby improving their overall look, function, and quality of life, then they should look no further than the same day dental implants!


Why Should I Get A Same Day Dental Implant Procedure?


A smile is one of the first things that people will notice when they meet somebody new. That is why it is important for people to feel confident in their smile. The good news is that, with modern techniques and advanced technology, patients can often walk out of the doctor’s office with a brand-new Same Day with dental implants! Here’s everything people should know about getting a same day smile with dental implants in Tavares, FL.


A same day smile procedure is a dental implant service that can be completed in one day. Many people are hesitant to get dental work done because they don t want to stay at the dental office all day. A same day smile procedure is a way for people with missing teeth to get the dental implant procedure they need without having to stay in the dental office all day.


How Is A Same Day Dental Implant Procedure Performed?


After sedation dentistry has been administered, the patient may need to have infected or diseased teeth extracted before their restorative procedure begins. During a same day dental implant procedure, a dental professional will begin their customized procedure by strategically placing the dental implant posts.


With the help of leading technologies, the doctor can accurately place the dental implant posts. After the dental implants have been placed, the dental implant post will fuse with the patients surrounding jawbone in a natural process called osseointegration.


Following the placement of the abutments, the doctor can place a temporary prosthetic on the patient’s dental implants, giving them an instant new smile. The temporary prosthesis gives the patient a Same Day because it is made from light acrylic (PMMA) material that can safely be placed on the dental implants.


Come To Our Office For Your Same Day Dental Implants


Are you ready to restore your smile with same day dental implants? Then you have come to the right place. Using the latest techniques and technologies, we can quickly give you a new smile that allows you to eat the foods you want, speak comfortably, and smile confidently. Get in contact with Dr. Timothy J. Pruett and our exceptional team at our Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry office to schedule an appointment today!


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