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What Are The Steps To Getting Dental Implants?

Tired of dealing with complicated dental issues, like missing or damaged teeth? Great news, there is luckily a solution to help patients who have these problems. While there are many types of dental restorations patients can choose from, dental implants in Tavares, FL give patients the functionality of their bite back. Dental implants also provide them with a more desired aesthetic look.

 The Dental Implant Process

Dental implants can be a great solution to achieve a perfect smile in Tavares, FL. Staying knowledgeable of the process of getting dental implants will help patients throughout their journey to new teeth! The full process of placing dental implants includes various steps:


The diagnostic phase of the dental implant process includes a consolation to determine exactly what kinds of results the patient is looking for. Imaging and other useful information is gathered to see the overall health of the patient’s mouth and dental history. This gives a trusted dentist an overview of factors that may affect their patient’s treatment outcomes, as well as customize an achievable treatment plan for them.

Treatment Choices And Materials:

Depending on what is found during the diagnostic phase, the right type of dental implant treatment can vary. Teeth restoration method materials, for a patient’s implant restoration specifically, or any surgical components to consider (grafting, soft tissue aesthetic procedure or implants), will be chosen before the patient’s procedure. Of course, modern and top of the line materials will be available for patients to choose from.

The Treatment:

Once a treatment plan has been found, that meets a patient’s needs and wants, the next step is to schedule their treatment procedure. The treatment can be done with 1-3 visits, or up 3-5 visits, depending on the difficulty of the procedure.

Post Treatment Care:

Management plans for cleanings and special maintenance will be in place once the dental implant placement is complete, making sure patients get their money’s worth for years to come.

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